Strain – Dawgfather OG (Chemdawg x Sin City Kush)

Smell – right off the bat the terpenes are slightly muted, this immediatly gets cranked right up once busted up. Theres a blend of aromas emitting from the bud including gassy diesel, sweet herbs, with wafts of coffee and fuel notes emerging off

Smoke – a taste reminiscent of the smell especially when inhaling the sweet herbal, diesel gas, and coffee mixture. Exhaling giving off an earthy, fuel infused flavor. An ash lighter grey colored with some peppering, and a continued resinous build through the burn

High – a nearly even hybrid with a notch more indica (60/40) that comes crawling on you with its creeper stone. Hit with a wave of uplifting motivation, and enhanced cerebral effects which seem to stick around before transitioning to a more relaxed body high, and an increase in your appetite. Could be smoked during day, or evening depending on your mood and agenda

Quality: medium sized bud of slight sponginess yet equal crispiness when squeezed. An excellent blend of colors that are fairly evenly distributed throughout, shared between a bright minty green, a dark blueish purple, and quite the spread of thinner lengthy rusty copper pistils sharing the real estate on the structure. The entire nug dusted with a frosty layer of milky white trichomes