Really nice looking herb at first sight!!
Sticky,tight,rock solid,moist dark and lime green with purple bleeding all throughout buds with long dark orange hairs all over and covered in crystals and huge furry trichomes that gleaming in the light. Smell is subtle but once agitated/busted im getting and strong sweet gas with some nuttiness in the background. Taste is nice! Sweet spicy refreshing/minty gas that almost translates into grape flavor. Burn is smooth,slow and very resinous with a small oil ring midway through joint(1g) with a grey almost white ash. High is great! Im feeling very euphoric/happy,relaxed/sedated and alert. Full body relaxation almost to the point of sedation with very heavy eyes/head and sunk deep into my couch. Excellent herb overal! Tasted great and got me pretty stoned. I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or using as a sleep aid!