This strain is by far one of my favourites I’ve had in a while. I haven’t come across anything like it since I had the strain Kush Mints. The bag appeal is amazing, the buds are very dark but also very colourful, it has light green specks but mostly all dark purple with bright red hairs. Every bud was covered in insane amounts of thc and the buds would crack/pop when I broke them up to bust. Ive been smoking this throughout the day but loving it the most at nighttime because it gives off great indica effects and last a long time. The terps are also outstanding, the buds smell very sweet like candy and fruit, the smoke almost has a grape flavour. There were parts on the buds that had caked red hairs which made the taste even more flavourful at times. Very smooth on the exhale with great aromas and packs a serious punch🥊. Can’t wait to try more from this elite grower