Shipping: Monday-Friday
Strain : Dank Schrader (Crosses Rockstar Kush with Bubba Kush)
Method Smoked: Joint

Bud Size- Medium
SMELL ( Final score 5/5)
Strong or weak?: Strong
Bud Form
Dominant smell of bud : Sweet
Associated smells of bud : Woody
Busted up
Dominant smell of bud :Woody
Associated smells of bud: Sweet

TASTE (Final score 10/10)

Dominant flavour : Woody
Associated flavours : Kinda a wild berry sweetness taste 🍒
5 /5

Harsh/smoothness : (1-5, 1 being extremely harsh and 5 being extremely smooth) 5/5
cough factor? : A little.

BUZZ ( Final score 10/10)

Profile Percentage of head to body: 30% head 70% body 5/5
Potency : (1-5, 1 being extremely weak and 5 being extremely potent)

Use Daytime/Night time : Night time
Munchies? : Yes 🤏🏼


This was probably my favorite to try out of my last order and it definitely didn’t disappoint. 😁 Dank scored a perfect score in both appearance and smell. When you look at the buds you notice its a nice medium green with dark purple and little brown hairs throughout the bud and its nice and covered in trichomes. The smell is very strong and has a sweet smell with a undertones of woody hints. Until you bust it up the woody smells come out and its very strong, you still have a hint of a sweet smell. 👃🏼👃🏼
And again we have a perfect score in taste and buzz 👏🏼🙌🏼. The taste matched the smell almost to a tee. You get hit with a woody taste and a undertones on the sweetness from a wild berry, its surely amazing 👏🏼. The buzz was kinda surprising, i was expecting a couch lock high but it wasn’t. Although I was relaxed , I could still clean up my smoking area and cook lunch.

Highly recommend to anyone that loves craft cannabis and don’t mind paying for quality 😁😁