This beautiful meaty slightly purple hued weed is called Dank Mask. The buds range from medium to large size with a rock hard density with a ever slight spongeyness to them. The trim is perfect by looking like it’s been hand trimmed with love and the cure is near perfection. Aroma admiting from these lovely nugs is of a dank gassy earthyness.

Upon smoking I was greeted with a pungnent dank gassy taste with earthy undernotes. The smoke was superbly smooth boasting a gray ash. There was nice grease ringer while smoking in a joint. The burn was pretty well perfect being ever so slow but while being continuous and even.

This is a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. After smoking I felt a nice europhia and uplifted. Soon I begin to feel very relaxed and lazy with a bit of sedation. I was left with a bit of an appetite.