These chunky diamonds are lathered with a minimal amount of sauce which makes them very easy to handle and perfect for cold starts. Upon opening the jar I was immediately impressed with the beautiful light gold colour and a quick slap to the face of dank and piney gas with sweet and floral undertones. What I find amazing about this nose is that all the different notes come through with an almost equal strength. I love this aroma more and more with each whiff. The smoke also carries this pleasant flavour. On inhale I get the sweet and floral/piney profile more prominently and then on exhale the dank and gassy side comes through strongly. These two profiles kind of blend together to make an interesting aftertaste, however the gassy side is definitely more pronounced. The burn is very clean and smooth with a little bit of an extremely light coloured residue left in the banger. The high is heavy and blissful with a bit of a euphoric/energetic charge throughout the body even though I would definitely classify this as a late night indica smoke. Great for late night activities, especially creative outlets. I also find it enhances my appreciation for creativity which makes it equally amazing for just relaxing with some late night music or a movie. Overall this is some of the best diamonds I’ve tried, extremely happy with this product. 🔥💯