Cullinan (Private Reserve Collection) from Mailbox Marijuana

Visual: Amazing visuals on this one! It has that wow factor that makes you want to show it to your friends. It had some very cool bright purple leaves backed by some bright green buds. You couldn’t see the green very much because of all the snowy white crystal. It was just caked in it. It looked like it might have a fluffiness to it, but it was very dense. It had a very good moisture level and I could tell that the trics were fresh when I opened it up.

Nose: The nose was great! It was very pungent! It was kind of funky. It was gassy and a bit fruity and a bit meaty even. Super cool!

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder because it was dense and a bit sticky. It squished it a little bit when I was cutting it.

Taste: This had a very pungent flavour as well! It was super gassy and skunky with some of that meaty sweetness and a little bit of pine. Amazing!

Burn: It burnt very nice. It was very slow and steady.

Potency/Effects: I loved this Cullinan! I got a big punch from it and it had a high potency level for me. The buzz was very heavy especially in my body. It hit very well and it made me just want to hang out on the couch with my happy mood. Definitely a heavy hitter!

Overall score – 9.9/10