Strain – Crunk Boat (Purple Urkle x Bubba Kush x Tina)

Smell – the gas on this strain completely comes gusting out as soon as its re-exposed to the air, over taking the immediate vicinity with its skunky presence. Although the gassy diesel stank overtakes the majority of the scent you also receive gentle notes of berries or grapes

Smoke – well unfortunately I had spotted a seed as I was about to grind this stuff up, apparently there was also seed chutes within the interior that really overtook the flavor as that gross burnt seed taste and smell throughout the entire burn. I was definitely looking to see what flavor this strain could have provided, it was just too difficult to get a true taste at any point

High – the high did seem to be quite decent, and it did start to set in prior to finishing off doob entirely. A nice euphoric rush, heavy eyelids, clouded thoughts, and a decent mood booster. Not surprising that this is an split down the middle with the best traits of both indica and sativa alike. Finding motivation might prove to be difficult post smoke, making this more of a strain to spark up with some spare time on hand

Quality: these samples were unfortunately quite squished up and almost flattened to really remove alot of the potential of the bag appeal. The two buds I had received were very different looking one featuring a healthy supply of purple and the other very green in comparison which is said to be a likely occurance while growing this strain. Long intact light orangish copper pistils, sugar leafs still intact, and a dousing of milky trichomes over top of the entire structure