Crunk Boat from Hornet’s Buds

Cultivator: Onyx Phenos

Cross: Grape Bubba x Tina

Balanced Hybrid

Visual: It had a natural look to it and a bit of colour variation. One of the buds had a lot of purples and other buds were just green. It had lots of frosty crystal and orange wispy hairs all over. The buds had a bit of a squish to them but with a density to them as well.

Nose: The nose was earthy with some grape and gas. It was a bit more pungent when I opened it up with the same.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to grind and to cut up. It wasn’t very sticky to the touch, but it stuck to itself quite a bit. It said that it had minimal seeds, but I did not find any at all. It had a very nice moisture level.

Taste: The taste was earthy, and I got some of the gas and spicy grape.

Burn: The burn was good.

Potency/Effects: It wasn’t very punchy, but the effects built up well. It was a bit uplifting in my brain making me talkative and giving me a bit of buzzy energy. It would be good for doing something creative during the day or evening. I got a good buzz in my head and it worked its way down for a relaxing effect.

Overall score – 8.9/10