Small to medium sized buds with a fluffy structure that was dense to the touch. Buds had a wild structure with light greens, and rich purples tucked behind sugary looking resin. The buds were a tad bit dry compared to the other two strains but nothing too far off. A close look at the trichomes revealed transparent stalks and densely packed pin sized milky and clear heads everywhere you looked. Contrasted nicely against some of the patches of rich purples. Smells were interesting with a sweet minty nose alongside some berry notes. The berry aroma became more prominent as the bud was broken down making it overall a bit fruitier.

Found the burn was nice with a fluffy near white ash alongside a small resin ring. Produced smooth smoke with a bit of a tickle at the back of the throat. Earthy, sweet fruit and a light funky flavor is what I picked up on the smoke. Found the effects left me feeling relaxed with a more dominant body high after a short stint of a uplifted and cerebral high kicking things off in the first 30 minutes. Nothing overly sedative; but still a strain I may consider as more of a evening routine type of smoke.