Very fortunate to have grabbed some of this private pheno hunt drop; in short it’s outstanding. The buds are very dense, showing a gorgeous dark green absolutely caked with sparkling white crystals and some bright purple and other dark purple hues. It has a sweet, creamy, floral nose and these terps really come through on a dry puff of a joint. They also translate decently well into smoke, but they are somewhat muted. The smoke is pretty much perfect other than a slight tingle in the back of the throat, with white ash and a consistent burn. The high is pretty intense and almost psychedelic with a strong body load mostly on the forehead area. It would be very good for relieving anxiety and insomnia as it really clears the mind and gives an extremely relaxing, almost sedating high. Overall this is extremely good flower and it honestly surpassed all my expectations for a $120 price tag, however there were a decent amount of popcorns and smalls.