The difference between the HCFSE and the diamonds that was evident off right off the bat was the size of each individual diamond. The CC took the win with each individual one being the size of 4 from its HCFSE counterpart. This one also appeared to be much firmer and took a bit of effort to break apart. The colour of the diamonds was transparent with only a mildly flesh-like colour to it; with each diamond coated with a thin layer of sauce. Smells coming from the jar were woody but also possessed a sweet mint aroma that softened the nose. Flavors mirrored the nose well. Effects followed with intensely heady and energizing effects that had me buzzing almost immediately after my dab. Found it challenging to focus until a half hour later where a moderate body load helped me mellow out. This later did become relaxing, but this is easily something I’d consider for a wake and bake or early afternoon smoke.