Every so often I come across something unique in my search for the next thing to get me high, and this was one that made my mouth water. Everything from the look of it, the name, the description, were just screaming tasteville to me, and it was right. Its name refers to the fact that Bosstalgia sells their budder in pressed circles that resemble cookies, with the creme being an optional $10 sauce upgrade that wets up the budder giving it this beautiful whipped but firm texture. The extract has a bright colour, contrasting nicely against the dark glass bottle that it was packaged in, the overall look had my tongue trying to crawl out of my head for a taste. The smell was a subtle mildly dankness but not in a way that eludes to it being a cannabis concentrate, but more dank in a long boiling broth type way and I loved it.


Dabbing the concentrate was super easy; when agitated the budder mixes very easily with the sauce, that settled during shipment, making it sticky and tacky and perfect for scooping on any tool you might have, the melt was on point too, going from a nice paste to oil to nothing. I really enjoyed the high from this, it was instantaneous and powerful, very tailored for chilling and watching a ton of TV or movies. The exhale was smooth and tasted very lightly of pepper and herbs.


I recommend this highly and will definitely want more as I destroyed my order quick times, and look forward to trying it out in different strains. Let me know if you try it out.