Cookies N Cream (AAA) from West Coast Releaf

Visual: It had a nice frosty/dusty look to it. It was one big bud that looked like an elongated Christmas tree. The colours were light and medium green and even white with all the Trichomes. Fat sparkly crystals covered the inside of the buds when I opened them up. One of the buds had some dark purple leaves and some even cooler vibrant purples on the inside of it. It was very dense and it had a good moisture level.

Nose: It was a nice light sweet cookie smell with an earthy creaminess.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to cut and grind and roll.

Taste: The taste was very potent. It had a sweet vanilla cookie flavour that also had a creaminess and an earthiness to it. It was yummy!

Burn: It burnt well. The ash was a bit s&p.

Potency/Effects: It had a good punch in the nose for me. I got a nice positive feeling from it. It was uplifting and energetic at first and then a good body buzz came on with full effects all over. It had me very buzzed out. I really enjoyed it!

Overall score – 9.3/10