Cookies and Cream
A cross of Starfighter x  Unknown GSC Pheno

Medium sized nugs with a popcorn look. Dense but rather plump to the touch. Bright purple emerging from the core and darker sugar leafs gaves these a really nice look. A good coating of frost on the outside but a couple headless spots. Another story inside. It was packed and intact haha, lots of long stalked shinny/ milly heads gave the inside a really frosty look. Perfect manicure on these too.

Smell was a bit muted out of the bag but once grinded it came alive a bit sweet nutty lightly doughy with the gassy notes not pungent but its there. The gas transfered nicely with a earthy side. Burned super smooth with a greasy ring and a gray ash.

Effect are heavy on this blurry mind and sluggish body id keep for nighttime heavy cookie.