Medium sized densely packed and heavily caked buds with whites, purples and light greens dominating the backgrounds. Some rich deep orange pistils also helped provide a nice contrast; making the buds pop. Buds were a touch on the dry side again with the nugs feeling somewhat brittle on the exterior. Trichs were somewhat lacking on the exterior again but the interior did have a solid amount of short stalked milky and clear heads. Smells were muted on this one but found the nutty, creamy and sweet aromas did come through after a day in a jar.
Smoke burned with a light grey ash and a medium sized oil ring sitting below the ember. Smoke was smooth. With some minor scratchiness on the throat; with some sweet creaminess and mildly earthy flavors. Effects started off fairly balanced with some hazey vision, squinty eyes and cerebral buzz. This quickly transitions into a heavier bodyload that had me feeling a lack of energy and motivation as I sunk deeper into the lounger I was chilling on outside. The significantly relaxed body high has me thinking this would be more of an evening smoke for me.