Upon opening the bag, you are greeted with pleasant aromas of a slightly sweet, mainly musky smell with a sort of brown sugar to follow.  A pretty complex set of smells, kind of hard to really nail down what you are smelling, its a lot to take in.

Buds are dense, and covered with shiny, glistening trichomes. Dark green buds, with purple leaves throughout, adding a contrast that makes the bud seem fairly dark, until broken up.

Not overly dry, nicely cured but not very sticky.
Dry pull brings the musky flavour through, and is the same way throughout the smoke.

Even burn with salt and pepper ash. The smoke was smooth, and flavourful, almost kushy a little bit.
Effects are slightly spacey, but still with it, relaxing in a way.  More potent than expected, so it passed the tolerance test for such a cheap ounce.
Fairly smooth, had a bit of a kick, but not super harsh or anything. Coughed a little bit but nothing excessive.

The value on this bag is pretty good, I would say. It is a good choice for the budget smoker, or any one that may not need top shelf buds.