Comatose Rosin Drops
A cross of OG Kush x likely another Indica

This one had a more solid consistency almost a sugared up shell on the outside and thca diamonds inside. Got nice and buddery almost sugary inside it seemed when stirred. A nice ammount of terps too had a bit of a wetness to it.

Smell was pungent on this for flower rosin with a heavy classic OG nose. It was dank earthy and woody. Again came alive alot once vaporised all transfered well to the taste and even more with a smooth vapor. Melt super nicely and easy to clean for flower rosin.

The effect on this one are more heady and heavy. Starts with a strong headrush that closes the eyes and leaves you feeling relaxed and unwinded led to sedation. But still something id use in the evening on a lazy day.