Strain – Comatose by Enigma Extracts

Smell – carrying a powerful terpene profile, that takes no time to engulf an area with its aroma. Your sense of smell is overtaken with a strong pungent pine, sweet citrus scented blend with a skunky herbal added to the mix

Smoke – having a translation of smell to taste while smoking is on point. Taking each inhale off the joint you get hit with that heavy pine, citrus mash up of flavoring, with the exhale consisting of a sweet, sour woody taste, and leaves a citrus taste lingering behind. Lighter grey ash with peppering, and a thick ring of oil

High – the properly name Comatose is an indica dominated hybrid and is probably left best for night. This strain will leave your head, and eyes quite foggy, fully relaxing your body, while euphoria levels are increased. Finding yourself not interested in much activity post blazing, you’re better off looking for somewhere to settle, coming with with an unavoidable burnout

Quality: excellent fresh crispy shelled exterior with a fresh resinous, sticky to the touch interior once opened up. Appearing a royal color the nugs have olive green shading with some eye catching blackish, blue highlights. Fairly lengthy bright fire orange pistils, and an icy layer of trichomes coating each nugget