Comatose Og rated as Indica
A cross of  OG Kush x Unknown pheno

Big size chunky nugs covered in resin lots of intact juicy heads on the outside the whole bud looked fuzzy. Bright green and almost an equal ammount of purple you could see the heads without any macros lense it was stackedddd. Sticked to fingers decently better once busted open. Nice humidity on this too.

The smell was crazy on this one for the rating. A piney musky and citrusy pungent nose. Transfers well to the taste with the musky citrus side coming first. It burned a bit salt and pepper more on the salty side.

Potent and long lasting. A super nice relaxing and unwinding kick to the face after the first rip. Starts heady with a slight pressure building into an euphoric vibe. It release into a powerful sedating and couch locky effect. Great night strain. Wouldnt use this at day.