Coma (AAAA) from Order Weed Online

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cross: OG Kush and another unknown strain

Visual: They were nice sized buds that had a dank and greasy look to them. It had some dark greens and forest greens and some dark green/blacks. There was lots of sparkly crystal and patched of rusty orange hairs all over. It had a bit of a squish to it but it was very dense overall.

Nose: The nose was lemon pine and sweet gas with some woodiness. It was very pungent, and it was very appealing to me. I could keep smelling it.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder and it squished quite a bit when I was cutting it with scissors. It was very sticky, and it had an awesome moisture level.

Taste: It had a beauty taste! It was very terpy and the taste stuck to the inside of my mouth. It was very piney and gassy with some woodiness and honey. The flavour lasted all the way through.

Burn: The burn was awesome. It gave tons of smoke and it burns smooth and clean.

Potency/Effects: This Coma hit me in my nose hard and then all over my face. It was very relaxing and sedating while still putting me in a happy and chill mood. It messed up my brain and my speech but it gave me a positive vibe. It was a couch lock strain for me, and it would be good for nighttime.