Clean looking packaging with clear labeling indicating the 6 bottles had 30mg each: making the bag a grand total of 180mgs. The heat-sealed bag kept the contents in good condition as they were separate from each other with evenly distributed sugar coating. There were very minor sticky/wet areas on the backs of each gummies; but this was almost negligible. Found the texture on the gummies provided a nice chew; with accurate cola flavors that were the right amount of sweet. Hadn’t had edibles in a while so scaled back the amount, I took again to 30mgs. Enjoyed this on a weeknight so wasn’t trying to put myself into a coma where 100mg would usually get me. Found the effects to be accurate for the noted dose; with a relaxing moderately potent body stone. Had me weighted down in my seat an hour and a half in. Made use of the edibles while preparing lunch for the week and later kicking back and watching a movie. About 2 hours in I really didn’t want to do much; and convincing myself to transfer myself to bed was a task.