Buds were popcorn sized with the visuals dominated by countless long and winding dark orange pistils. The light green buds below did have a surprising amount of resin which was only noticeable once you broke open the buds due to the number of pistils covering the exterior of the buds. Under a macro lense there were an impressive amount of densely packed trichomes which were mainly clear and cloudy. The smells coming from the bag were muted but I did pick up some mainly earthy scents with some sweet and creamy notes to follow.
The burn was decent with a light grey ash with some peppering; however, I did have to relight the joint twice. Smoke was smooth but did not have any majorly prominent flavors except some minor earthy notes. The smoke came along with a moderate buzz which had me feeling happy and energized initially. This euphoria continued with an added body high that had my muscles feeling relaxed but without any significant heaviness. This balanced hybrid didn’t come with any noticeable sedative effects so could be used for several situations throughout the day.