This live resin was very white in appearance with off tones of yellow and gold. Found it fairly easy to work with came in four large chunks that would break very easily. Sounded like mini rocks when moving around in the container which was unlike any live resin ive had before.

Smell is a strong pine with earthy undertones followed by a hint of  lemony citrus.

Flavor was similar to the smells with pine being dominant followed by a refreshing lemon finish with slight hints of citrus, there wasnt any earthy tones in the flavour.

The potency was extremely weak. I did not feel any noticeable effects regardless the size of my dab.

I found the smoke to be quite harsh, usually had some residue left over in the banger as well.

I have a feeling this was made from  trim that    with terps reintroduced to it, i could be wrong but there just was no buzz.