Tight,moist,spongy slightly sticky dark but mostly light lime green bud, completely covered in orange hairs and coated in crystals and trichomes(bud looks mini geode like when broken open!) Smell is really nice! Subtle at first but once grinded i’m getting pungent sweet candy like gas⛽! Taste is interesting and nice! I’m getting savory earthy(musky) sour kush with a creamy vanilla aftertaste that lingers. Definitely one of those herbs that keeps you second guessing yourself on taste! Slow slightly harsh but potent burn, very resinous with a skinny oil ring almost instantaneous! With a grey almost white ash. Im feeling energized,elevated, alert, euphoric 🥳 heavy eyed and chilled out but ready to get outside and do something(hike,run,something extracurricular) Nice herb overall taste was nice(great for sour lovers) I feel really good! I’d recommend this herb for afternoon in general but all day smoking!