Strain – Chocolope (ChocolateThai x Cannalope Haze)

Smell – quite the unusual nose on this strain with smells of woody chocolate mashed together with an earthy coffee scent

Smoke – salt & pepper colored ash with an immediate oil ring that stuck around until the very end. The inhale has a coffee woody taste and you get more of the chocolate earthy flavor upon exhale

High – sativa dominant but labeled as a hybrid, you can definitely feel the pick me up effect from the majority of it being sativa. Didn’t feel much for a burnout and was fully functional making this a great daytime smoke or even wake and bake to kick start the day

Quality: Darker shade of green dense chunky buds, crispy and a little dry at the same time. Dark orange pistils, and dusted in crystal. A nice unique blend with its sativa dominance and different terpene profile make this strain stand out