Strain – Chocolope Budder

Smoke – it’s fairly smooth to the inhale without many issues of coughing off the hook. It has an earthy coffee like taste on both inhale and exhale. The smoke is fairly thick and the taste also comes through nicely mixed into a joint. Definitely one of the more flavor infested concentrates that I’ve had being quite similar to the taste of the Chocolope strain in flower form

High – an excellent body high that renders you quite useless, heavy eyed stone, and a complete motivation killer. Whether dabbing directly or feathered in to a doob, the high comes on fairly quickly and would be best indulged during the evening or for some mindless daytime activity

Quality: third time I’ve had budder and it definitely comes in different forms almost each and every time, but very similar results. Easy to break pieces off for selection of dab size, or to conveniently supe your joint with. It has a golden chocolate color tone to it, with a greasy consistency that has a gritty feel, and ofcourse quite sticky