Brand – Chocolate Brownie

Flavor – it had your typical well down brownie flavor with some additional lemon flavoring that I was tasting. Very soft, fresh and quite delicious tasting.  Overall flavor wise it was really good with a very minor marijuana after taste that had the slightest linger

Potency – these little rectangular hitters being dosed at 250mgs a piece. Easily taken down with awaited results. To me this brownie had some fairly decent results but it also didn’t feel like a 250 more around the 150 mark but I was feeling quite pleasant all around. Nice relaxation, decent body stone and resulting in a solid sleep

Quality – I’ve had edible brownies but never with the additional frosting, which stayed solid and intact. Although the dosage didn’t seem to be quite what was stated, these are without a doubt an awesome deal at 5 bucks a wedge. In conclusion I would grip these again, maybe in a larger quantity and see where a couple of these will lift me