Opening up the pack you get a standard serving of ramen noodles and a package of 600 mg FSE(sourced by Captain’s Pink) seasoning to mix it with. I’m using 2.5 cups of boiled water to prepare the ramen prior to mixing. I mixed the soup base in to the boiling water once the noodles tenderized, for a stronger dose you could strain the water prior to mixing. After it’s prepared you can smell a blend of FSE and the chicken giving you the sense that it’s not your traditional bowl of Ramen. The taste is a nice blend between the chicken seasoning and FSE matching the smell that from cooking. Very potent and hits very quickly with THC content being mostly in the water so it absorbs quickly once eaten. After sampling a small amount(10 bites) it was already starting to kick in and is still currently escalating 15 minutes after. The overall contents are a bit much for me but if a person has a high tolerance for edibles this would be a perfect snack for pain medication.