Pretty sure this is only my second experience with receiving flower in a can and it was just as enjoyable as the last. As I cracked the jar it was initially some sour notes of orange or tart berries, followed closely by sweet doughy cream. This seemed to elevate further with notes of overripe or rotten fruit and musky odours the longer I had the can to my nose.  Humidity also appeared on point with the exterior of the buds being crisp; interior being sticky and stems snapping easily under stress.  Really appealing to me. The buds themselves were beautiful with light green backgrounds with patches of darker greens on the edge purple, plus long and wispy deep orange pistils. Trim was perfection and the buds were relatively well handled even after fitting snugly in a “tuna can”. The exterior of the buds was surprisingly heady on most areas of the medium to large sized buds. A closer look revealed winding and twisting stalks with medium sized globular heads with varying degrees of maturity.

Smoke was smooth but did hit the lungs with some sharpness, burning a clean light grey ash with a heavy oil ring following the ember closely. Flavors were fruit forward with sugary sweetness plus creamy gas flavors on exhale. Which was only found to be more enjoyable in a bong, producing satisfying and heavy hits. Effects hit just as hard with as intensely cerebral effects that made it difficult to accomplish a whole lot of anything. This initial zoned out cerebral phase: then transitioned into a more relaxed and balanced high as I found myself mellowing out; enjoying the heavy physical body load settling into my limbs. Something I’ll most likely make use of in the evenings as I couldn’t seem to stop myself from going in on “one more rip” every time I busted this strain out.