The jar arrived with 2 massive diamonds slathered with sauce, with many smaller “diamonds” scattered beneath the surface. Brittle, pop rock like consistency for the diamonds and thick, sticky, honey-like consistency for the sauce.

The aroma upon opening the jar is both intense and complex. Earthy, woody, pine notes hit your senses first. This is followed with very bright and rich floral tones. The sweet floral aroma is equally as sour.

Produces smooth and intensely flavorful vapor at lower temps. Powerful pine tree terps. Very earthy, woody, sharp pine notes with a bright floral finish. Incredibly tasty and very pungent. The sweet and sour floral notes hit you on the exhale, very rich and fruity.

Effects wise, there are some stark contrasts. You’re hit with an intense cerebral rush right away. I’ve personally felt a headband sensation in my head every single time. It isn’t everyone’s preference but I personally love it and proactively seek it out. Was a pleasant surprise.

Whilst this is going on, your body is slowly melting in to the couch. Debilitating body stone that leaves you anchored in place without the slightest desires of moving.

Overall, incredibly unique & delicious with effects across the spectrum.