Cherry pie budder was a very great concentrate which i found lived up to many of its strain specific traits such as one of the best aspects is the flavors and smells are very strong especially when dabbed at lower temps. The flavors you get are a blast of herbal and floral with a brief undertone of a sweet cherry doughiness. Smells were very strong and dank, it almost had a hashish smell to it. There was a very noticeable cherry and kushy floral mix.

Consistency is extremely easy to work with, very crumbly when you apply a little pressure but handles like a solid piece if just held/ handled. When it does crumble apart it takes nothing to get it back into a solid piece so you are not left with tiny pieces everywhere.

I found the smoke itself a bit harsh that was the biggest downfall of this concentrate but apart from that i do not have any complaints.

High itself is about a 70/30 Indica leaning hybrid. This budder was amazing with relieving pressure and pain in my shoulders, one of my preferred evening strains as i always found myself wanting to lay down in a extremely relaxed state. I do wish the high was more potent but it was extremely enjoyable for what it was. I found in small dabs it was quite weak and often found myself taking extremely large dabs to feel the effects.