Described as a cross between both Phantom Cookies (Cherry Pheno) and Dosidos. Upon opening the bag, I was immediately met with a crystal encrusted 1oz brick of sticky buds. Nugs were medium to large size with bright green backgrounds, visible trichome heads and rust colored pistils. There were also small rich purple sugar leaves that only added to the already impressive visuals. The smell was a pungent mix of rich gas, lime/citrus and sweet fruit. Found the taste was moreso citrus and gas with some underlying sweetness on exhale but was very smooth with a mainly white salt and pepper ash.

Found the buzz to immediately hit me between the eyes with strong cerebral effects; which then trickled down to the rest of the body. Overall it gave me both strong sensations of relaxation along with uplifting and euphoric episodes. Potent buzz that hit me quickly slowly settling into a chill and mellow headspace. Can say this is a well-balanced hybrid, where the balance of the Indica and Sativa genetics left you significantly stoned but not couch-locked.