Beautiful vibrant buds, evenly dusted with sparkling trichomes and vivid bright orange pistils with a nice touch of dark purple throughout. Very muted nose, received as a part of BCMedi’s $20 sampler pack. It came in a single gram bag not heat sealed and spent a week in the mail to get here;
‘note:No fault from BCMC at all, mail has been slow here’

So I’m going to assume; fresh this stuff must smell AMAZING, because this was the first strain that tasted better after I lit the joint.

Unexpectedly, the smoke danced across my tongue and left a nice faintly fruity, sweet ‘cake-y’ floral taste behind, not floral that reminds me of potpourri or perfume, at all. I am not a fan of overly floral strains and this one did it for me.

Super tasty in a relatively flavourless joint, vaping this stuff in a dry herb must be unreal!
Very relaxing, not a care in the world, really in tune with music, everything playing just feels right.

As the effects took over, I could feel the tension let go in shoulders, with no anxiety whatsoever. Any cares or problems going on don’t seem as bad as they did 10 minutes ago. For an Indica leaning hybrid, I found this to be a very acceptable daytime smoke. I didn’t get very tired or crash hard.

Everything else about it was fantastic. Great cure, burned good, light salt and pepper ash. In my opinion, great to get a little sampler to treat yourself but the tag is a little steep for me to buy a full ounce. Keep in mind I could just be being picky because of the issues I had with transit, I’ve heard great things from others about this strain.

All around, a great smoke.