Chemo (AAA) from West Coast Releaf

Visual: They looked like they were tight compact buds. They had lots of medium sized crystal throughout and the colours were mid greens to dark greens with a few bits of purple. When I opened it up there was lots more purple and different shades of purple as well. There were some vibrant purples and some deep dark purples. There was lots of sparkly crystal inside as well. They were very compact buds that had no give to them at all.

Nose: The nose was a bit light. It was earthy and musky with a bit of spiciness.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It ground up and cut up very easily. It rolled up easy too.

Taste: The flavor was a bit light also and the earthy and spicey smells came out in the flavor.

Burn: It burnt very nice and slow and steady. It had a light ash as well.

Potency/Effects: It hit me in my nose quite good! It had very good potency! It was nice, calming and relaxing which would be very good for nighttime use. I really felt at peace with my body and my mind. It had very cool effects!

Overall score – 9.1/10