Chem Dawg from Top Tier Cannabis

55% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Visual: They were very dense and compact looking buds. The colour was light green and it had lots of that small, tight compact crystal with little patches of orange hairs that blended in. The buds were very dense.

Nose: The nose was earthy, sweet and sour and it also had a bit of a chemical smell. It was more pungent when I opened it up.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was a bit hard to get going in the grinder because of the density. The moisture level was good.

Taste: The flavour was very pungent. I got that sweet and sour plus some diesel and some spiciness.

Burn: The ash was a bit salt and peppery, but it didn’t want to go out and it burnt well overall.

Potency/Effects: This Chem Dawg wasn’t very punchy, and the effects seemed to build up slowly. It was very calming and relaxing, and I got a good overall buzz from it but it wasn’t too crazy and I was still functionable. It would be good for day or evening.

Overall score – 9.1/10