As soon as the mylar was ripped open a sweet cheesy, very funky smell, slightly reminiscent of cleaning products filled the room. Followed by a sharpness that will make your nose hairs stand up to follow.

Powerful smell outside the bag, definitely something you will want to keep sealed up tight if you’re trying to hide the smell.

Small buds, trimmed super well, very very little leaf on these guys. Mixed up with some medium buds but mainly smalls in my bag, but as far as I know the batch was getting cleaned out pretty quick, so I’m assuming that the last few ounces were like this, not a big deal to me.

Taste translated well into smoke, super enjoyable smoke. Decided to burn this one sitting outside in the sun and it just felt right. For an indica dominant hybrid, it put me in my seat and made me worry free and comfortable, not too heavy. Although I got carried away and it eventually led to a nap, so be careful with the burn out on this one and don’t over do it if you have things to do later.