Vivid, fox tailed buds, neatly manicured with a combination of ambering and light trichs, very small amount of sugar leaves and long vibrant pistils. At first there’s a mix of lemony/citrus terps closely resembling a tangie like smell but mixed with a but of pine giving it a distinct profile. White ash with the flavor at first being the same almost tangie like flavoring but with a bit of peppering blending in as time goes on. I will admit I did not know what to expect being my first time with a CBD strain, the high is not a traditional high that you expect from other Sativa strains, there is a slight cerebral high but accompanied by very soothing body effects, any discomfort or pain I had prior to smoking is hardly noticeable afterwards. This would be a perfect strain for someone with chronic pain with a very low resistance to THC. Really unique experience.