These small delectable little nugs are caked right out in trichomes and have a beautiful heavy purpling. The purple is even more heavy throughout when cracking a bud open. Near busted itself being so fluffy and once busted up it’s mainly purple, with only a slight bit of green. Trimmed okay, with some leaf remaining. Has a mouth watering aroma of musky sweet herbal creamyness.


When smoked I was greeted with a sweet fruity taste reminding me kinda of a grape cookie taste. Had a superbly smooth smoke. Burned expectional in a joint. Burned continuous even and slow, with a mostly light gray ash.


I found this to be medium potency sativa dominate hybrid. Immediately after toking I was more focused and ready to tackle the day. Had a uplifting soothing europhic high. Felt relaxed, but did not make me couch locked or burned out.