This is only the second CBD tincture I’ve tried; so I may not have the most experience in this category but I’ve been messing around with the product over the last few days. The product itself uses MCT oil as the medium with the product itself looking exceptionally clear and transparent. The container has a dropper which also has markings to measure out the product in millilitres making it easy to dose.  This one produced by CBD Depot has a ratio of 50mg of CBD/1.5 ml with 20 servings per container. Found the product tasteless; which I would assume is ideal. The few 3-4 times I had taken 2 mls I found a nice sense of relaxation come over me; nothing sedative just a mild calming vibe. I don’t have much to compare to, but the container had a clean look and the product appeared to be a quality product with the effects I’d expect.