Strain – Casey Jones (Oriental Express x East Coast Sour Diesel)

Visual/Texture – the name itself of the childhood bad ass that would help the Turtles take care of the clan, putting nostalgia on full blast. Shared texture of an even spongy to crispy, and having a sticky fresh to the touch inside once exposed. Coloring of the bud split between olive,  a mossy green, and an absolute revolt being thrown by the thick light brownish orange pistils. Some sugar leaves intact, and the whole mass cloaked in milky white trichomes

Scent – pleasantly surprised by the terpenes driven off of Casey Jones, decent volume with a very sweet profile. Almost taking in different notes each sniff you take, there is definitely a fruit berry scent, with hints of citrus, and it also contains a sweet floral, diesel fuel

Smoke – peppered ash lighter grey in color, a gradual resin build as the session wore on. Transitioning over to the smoke, you get that sweet berry fruitiness, and the sweet floral, gas  on the inhale. While exhaling it maintains the sweetness, with an earthy, citrus flavoring

High – the hybrid (80/20) holding sativa strong, is perfect for day blazing, and can be relied on for first thing to wake & bake. A high that leaves you fully loaded with euphoria, having an influx of creativity, and providing a boost in motivation as well as energy. Not only will you be able to focus on what’s in front if you, there’s also very little in the way of tilting your mood off course