MOM: Carly’s Garden

Registration: Site account, No ID
Customer Service: Gets back by email within a day, responsive on Reddit, no other social media as of right now.

Order: Carly’s Cupcakes
Genetics: Wedding Cake X (Gelato x Pink Kush)

Incentive for Review: None, unbiased candid review

Packaging: Black mylar in vac seal within a box. No smells or issues with package.

Bag Appeal:
An intense creamy sweetness of cake, gelato, and sweetness – almost overwhelmingly so
Buds are medium-large throughout, ranging 1g-5g.
Nice and sticky with a perfect cure

Clean white ash with little harshness if any.
Nice creamy sweet flavour on the exhale.

Moderately potent hybrid, will get you baked but not knock you out.

A uniquely great AAAA strain. Carly really did a nice job with this personal grow.
Stands up to the label of small batch craft.
Would recommend as she has stated her new batch is an improvement on this one.