Having a splendid caking and a darker milky green appearance with bits of purple. The buds are of the medium size and are very dense, almost rock hard. Trimmed to perfection and cured well. The aroma is pugnent with a gassy foral scent.


Burned nice, slow and clean in a joint. The ash was light gray, with a bit of salt and pepper. There was a bit of a grease ringer going on. I tasted a very nice kushy taste with a foral gassyness. The smoke was very smooth, only slightly tickling my thoart.


I found this to be a medium to high potency indica dominate hybrid. Immediately after smoking I could feel my head and eyes getting heavy. I had a positive feeling and had a nice europhia hit me. After a bit I was feeling pretty lazy and a bit couch locked. Valued at 165 a zip before any discounts or coupons.