Canadian Moon Rocks – Melon Candy from Clean Green VIP

Visual: Very cool looking rocks! Like they are from outer space! They were a bit darker than the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Moon Rocks and it had a bit more of a green tinge to them whereas the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Moon Rocks had more of a brown tinge to them. The visuals and the smell really matched the names very well. They were just covered in kief.

Nose/Taste: These also had a super cool smell that was just like Melon! It was very pungent as well! I think it was more of a Honeydew melon scent. The taste was a bit overpowering as the nose came through on the flavour a lot. The taste was a bit too pungent for me.

Potency/Effects: The potency on these are good and I get effects similar to hash for me which is very heavy and a weighed down feeling. It really slowed me down.