Canadian Moon Rocks – Cinnamon Toast Crunch from Clean Green VIP

Visual: They were very cool looking. They did look like they could be from the moon. They were nice sized nugs and they were covered with kief which gave them an army green colour.

Nose: What!!?!?!?!? It smelled just like Cinnamon Toast! It was very pungent as well! I was blown away with how amazing it smelled! I wanted to eat them!

Cut/Roll/Grind: They were pretty easy to cut up with scissors but I did get quite a bit of oily kief on my fingers.

Taste: The taste was not as crazy as the nose. I didn’t get as much of the Cinnamon Toast flavour. It was more like oil and hash with a neat heavy sugary aftertaste.

Burn: It burnt very nice! It gives lots of smoke and it is very smooth.

Potency/Effects: It hit pretty good and I got some great effects from it. I found it to be quite a heavy buzz, similar to hash and it lasted a long time! These were super cool!