Strain – Cali Kush

Smell – the initial smell coming off the strain is slightly muted when first selling it, once busted up the terpenes become alot more pronounced. Scents of herbal citrus and a skunky coffee like smell are very prominent

Smoke – medium to lighter greyish ash, slight resin ring to go along with a smooth consistent burn. Flavor was quite similar to smell with the terpenes carrying over nicely. The initial blast of a skunky citrus coffee on the inhale then becoming more of an earthy spicy herbal taste as you exhale

High – a completely balanced hybrid split of sativa and indica being a perfect blend of both it allows this to be a great daytime choice. You will still be fully functional, feeling good and relaxed, somewhat motivated, and the burnout barely hits you. Bring an appetite for post blaze

Quality: absolute densely compact bud, no give at all to the squeeze. Crispy interior with all the terpenes trapped within waiting to be unleashed. Emerald green with darker green undertones casting forest green notes in portions, orangish brown pistils everywhere on these nuggets as if overtaking the structures, finished off with a layer of trichomes dusted over top