The Cali Grape flower by Green Hornet Buds provides flavors of sweet pine and grapes and is an incredibly smooth smoke in a joint. The buds are soft and dense with a beautiful fluffy moss-like texture.

My order arrived vacuum-sealed in a well-packaged discrete box. Upon opening the zip the most delicious smell of sweet pine and cannabis tea fills the air. I had to take another big sniff.

I was not surprised to see the ash was a clean white after burning quite evenly, an absolute pleasure to consume. Yes! This is the kind of flower I thoroughly enjoy due to the delicious taste, zero harshness, and joyful experience. It sways very far on the Indica side of the pendulum, providing relaxing waves throughout the body immediately after consumption. I feel happy & giddy, and I want to dance and celebrate all that is wonderful in the world.  Zen and Peace.