Cali Bubba from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+)

Visual: They were nice little frosted nugs. They were a medium and bright green with lots of crystal all throughout. Some of the buds were very solid and some were squishy.

Nose: The nose was earthy and gassy with some skunk and pine to it. The smell was a bit lighter like the G13 Gas was.

Roll/Grind: It cut up easy and it squished a bit when I was cutting it. It was a bit sticky and it was easy to grind up as well.

Taste: The flavor is quite pungent! It has that earthy gas flavor with skunk and pine.

Burn: The ash was nice and light and it burnt well.

Potency/Effects: Good potency on this Cali Bubba. It built up well into a nice buzzy Indica effect. I had a buzzy head and a floaty body. It made me feel very chill and mellow while still being happy and content. Good for evening and night time use.

Overall score – 8.9/10