Strain – Cali Bubba

Smell – ripping the mylar open, immediately you are able to smell that nice bubba stank gassing off this batch once you bust it out of the bag and even more potent once busted up

Smoke – fairly smooth consistent burn, salt and pepper ash, oil ring present from beginning to finish only growing in size. Earthy kush flavor on  the inhale and more of a coffee tasting when exhaling

High – heavy on the eyes, good for day blazing or early evening. Found it to be a nice laid back stone, yet still able to continue what you are planning on getting done. Munchies seemed to kick in not long after

Quality: Huge buds, this bad boy was an even 3gs on its own. Big nugs offering up plenty of bright orange pistils, and decent dusting of trichomes. Slightly leafy, medium to darker green in coloring and good all around mary jane