Strain – Cactus Breath (Cactus x Mendo Breath) by Kootenayz Exoticz

Smell – this has been a strain I’ve been looking to grip for sometime and to no surprise the nose right off the bat was nice and stanky. Huge notes of sweet and sour skunkiness reek of this bud with earthy undrtetones. Some very unique, yet strong and really excellent terpenes

Smoke – really clean to the inhale and exhale, with equally light whitish grey ash, and an oil ring forming almost immediatly. The translation from smell to taste while smoking on this strain is nearly identical with the sweet & sour skunky, and almost a citrus earthiness lingering after taste

High – within a few puffs off the joint, relaxation settles in, and I found it to be a decently noteable pain reliever. Even though this is a split down the middle hybrid, I find it to feel more indica heavy. There isn’t much of any reason to have anything planned out post sesh

Quality: wow, these are some amazing looking nugs. Completely iced out in trichomes, long intact thin fire bright orange pistils throughout the buds structures, bright lime green in color, with lots of accented purple hues. Some of the nicest looking green with some crazy terpenes, would be gripping again for sure